by - 11/02/2015

I absolutely LOVE holidays.
All of them, I think that it is so much fun when everyone has fun celebrating something, even if it is as meaningless as something like Halloween :) So fun.
For the past 4 or 5 years I have started months before, planning exactly what I/we would be for Halloween. Every year my ideas are super awesome and I am so excited for them. Buuut then slowly Halloween gets closer and closer and I get super lame realize that I'd rather spend $50 on cute clothes I can actually wear all year. Then Halloween night finally comes and about 10 minutes before a party, I quickly draw cat makeup on my face and Kody puts some kind of jersey that he has. 
And that's exactly what happened this year!
I think dressing up it fun, but I was absolutely dying with how hilarious/cute the baby costumes were this year! Like seriously, Halloween is fun but I think it will be 1,000x better when we have a little cutie to dress up! Or a dog. That would work too. 

Now I am off to make my Christmas playlist on Spotify! :)

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