Round 3

by - 9/05/2015

On Monday I started my Junior year at BYU. 

A lot of things have changed since I started school two years ago.
I am no longer afraid of return missionaries. 
I am a little less intimidated by my classes/professors/textbooks.
I know Provo like the back of my hand.
And instead of being roommates with 5 girls I don't know, I have just one guy roommate who I also happen to be in love with :)
I still hate the snow.
I still am not used to not seeing my mom every day.
I still want to go to 80's night.
I still think my old roommates are so fun.
I still get lost on campus.
I still get super excited about football games.
and I still love college!

We'll see if that excitement lasts over the next 4 semesters but still...happy new school year!


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