by - 9/05/2015

During this summer Kody worked a lot and I went to school all summer, so we didn't really get a chance to go on any crazy trips or anything UNTIL the last 2 weeks of summer when we went on our beach trip, which we lived and worked so hard for all summer! Kody's family goes on a big vacation every year, and they are always SO MUCH FUN. Actually I have only been on two, but they have both been so fun and I was so sad when they were over. This year we got to stay in a beach house in Oceanside and it was so nice.

Do I take way too many pictures of him?? Nah.....

We played SO MUCH cornhole. 

The view from the beach house was to die for ^^

I am so lucky I married into such a cool and fun family.
 Till next year!

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