Because I Love Weekends

by - 9/20/2015

You guys the class I am in right now is soooo boring.
You know those classes where the professor is so nice and is teaching and doing their best but you feel bad b/c no matter how hard you try you just can'
That is this class right now!

Professor: So does anybody have any thoughts about this court case?
Class: ....
Professor: anybody? at all?
Professor: I know there must be someone who has something to say
 yes, sir are you raising your hand?
Kid in the back: no, I was just stretching.
Everybody: ....

Literally just now happened ^
But rather than start a commentary of my boring class, I will tell you all about how fun this weekend was! Because it was so fun. 
On Thursday night we went to a fancy chairity dinner at the Marriott Center for Jimmer Fredette's charity, Jimmerosity

On Friday we went on a little triple date to K1 raceway. So fun! So fast! So painful! 
I now have 3 battle bruises on my back from running into walls and stuff.
Totally worth my 4th place victory.

Then Saturday was the oh so exciting BYU football game!
This also happened to be the exact game that Kody and I met at 2 whole years ago!


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