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So, the morning after our wedding, we woke up super early and got to Sky Harbor in time for our 7am flight. By this time we were both so tired that we were just kind of loopy. We slept on our flight to Denver, where we stayed for about an hour before going on another plane to Cancun, Mexico! We bought an overpriced neck pillow and a blanket and had a pretty good sleep on the way there.
Once we got there, it was very clear that we weren’t in the United States anymore! The airport was definitely very different and everyone was speaking Spanish. Not to mention, neither of us had any phone service, so we couldn’t figure out exactly where we were supposed to go. In the big crowds, we were somehow able to find someone to take us to our hotel, which was about 45 minutes away. Good thing Kody knows Spanish, otherwise we might still be all confused, waiting at the airport J
Our hotel was SO NICE. As soon as we got there I was in love. Everything was so green, and we were right by the ocean, so I was happy. From there on, we stopped looking at any phones or clocks and lost track of time completely. We did some exploring on the beaches, ate lots and lots of food, and just enjoyed our time away from any sort of reality whatsoever.

One of my favorite things was lying in the hammock. The servers would walk around, right there on the sand, and bring you drinks. I lost count of how many non-alcoholic Pina coladas I had. They were so yummy! It would have made sense if the bartender lied and there was actually alcohol in it because we were hooked J

We found some little ruins right there on the beach and they were super cool to explore. Don't mind my weird pose. I just get real awkward in bathing suit pics....

Another one of our favorite things were the beds they had, right on the beach! It was like something you would only see in a magazine or something. One night, we fell asleep on one and were asleep for a while when a huge tropical thunder storm woke us up and we were completely drenched. It was shocking and hilarious at the same time.

If you were to ask Kody, he’d say that one of his favorite parts of the whole thing was the food. In the resort, there were a bunch of all-inclusive restaurants that you could just go to whenever you wanted, and boy were they yummy. Unlimited everything. It is safe to say that we came back from the honeymoon a little bit rounder and plumper than before. 

I love my husband and his weird faces. 

The sand was white and the water was so clear. You could see everything. And it was so warm! A few times we even went out and swam late at night and it was so nice.

Our pretty view from our little patio. I want to live at this resort.

The last two days that we were there, we went to some fun places nearby. First, we spent a day at a zip line park! There were so many different zip lines and they went all over the jungle- some even through pretty waterfalls. It was so much fun! While we were there we also rode 4-wheelers and swam through some caves. The pictures were like a billion dollars each so everything from that day will just have to stay in our memories! The next day, we got to swim with DOLPHINS. It was awesome getting to just play around with these funny guys for an hour! They were just the sweetest. I could jug and kiss them all I wanted. And you can't tell in the picture, but they actually lifted Kody up and out of the water with their noses! Agh dolphins are the coolest, funniest and sweetest animals in the world. They reminded me of big, playful dogs and we just loved them.

Overall, I think we had the best honeymoon ever. I wouldn't have changed a thing! Mexico is awesome and we had such a good time.

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  1. I still love the blog as much as ever IVIS

  2. Things sounded like a huge blast! So happy for you! Now it is time to get back to society and preparing for the eternal happiness.