The Best Things About Being Home

by - 7/20/2014

  • the sunsets- like seriously, they are some of the most beautiful things in this world. every day!
  • the food- being on your own for a year makes you realize how much free things you took for granted growing up...especially FOOD. this realization leads to daily face-stuffing. 
  • the movies- my family has good movies. namely the Titanic, which I have already watched way too much for one summer...especially since it came out 17 years ago. Will I ever get tired of it? So far, no. 
  • babies- there aren't very many of them in Provo. but here i get to play with 10 or more of them every Sunday at nursery. it is the cutest part of my week.
  • tan-ness- I have never been as white as I got this past fall/winter in Utah. I'm not some crazy tan-freak, but I do appreciate a little bit of color. 
  • my big bed- holy moly. going from a twin-sized dorm room bed to a queen is a really wonderful feeling. Not to mention the fact that I don't have to get a running start to jump onto a bed that is taller than I am. 
  • dr.pepper- tons of it. in my fridge. all the time. HALLELUJAH.
  • bros- they drive me absolute nuts sometimes but I know I am going to miss the "ivy, waaaake up already and lets play Madden" every morning, the splashing in the pool, the endless amounts of energy, and the hilarious-ness of the two boys I'm lucky enough to call my brothers.
  • the high-school crew- most of my friends, if not all, didn't move up to Provo and although most of them are out on missions, it is SO fun/funny catching up with the ones that are here. so much can happen in a year. 
  • time- time here seems to go by a lot slower than it does at college where there is constantly tons of things to get done. it is so nice being able to just chill.

wow i love home.

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2 sweet note{s}

  1. I just graduated and each of these points I read I nodded or laughed in agreement. Enjoy the wonderful phase of your life that is college, going back and forth from home, because before you know it it will flash by you.

    1. I know, it has seriously gone by so fast already! It's just crazy! I am certainly trying to soak it all up :)