Quotable: Women of God

by - 7/21/2014

Last year, when I was just about to graduate high school, I heard this quote ^ for the first time at a little "Intro-to-Relief Socity-night" thing, and ever since then it has really stuck with me. 
I mostly love it because of how true it is. Especially that first line: women of God can never be like women of the world.
I don't think very many people like to admit it, but it isn't possible to be a woman of God while giving in to the demands of the world.
There is a big, big difference in what the world sees as acceptable and what God sees as acceptable.
Women of the world see money, perfect hair, expensive makeup, being perfectly skinny, instagram followers, success with guys, and "being hot" all as ways of measuring how valuable their lives are.
It's not to say that those things are necessarily bad, but they do not at all contribute to the value of ones life.
In all honesty, women who think like this really are a dime a dozen.
Women of God know that what really is valuable are the things in this quote. Kindness, faith, purity, etc.
I have such a hard time remembering this and not getting caught up wanting to be more like the women on the fitness category on Pinterest.
Be different, in a good way :)
Anyways, that is the end of my ramblings.

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3 sweet note{s}

  1. ivy, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, it made my day.

    also, THANK YOU for posting this! i have never seen it in it's entirety. what a great reminder--i feel like so often we want to mix the two. women of god and women of the world. we want to try to be both, but we can't. we have to choose. thanks for your thoughts, they are beautiful!

  2. also, you're studying broadcast journalism?? so am i! it's the greatest thing in the entire world, and i love finding other people who have this same interest.

    on another note, your hair is gorgeous and SO envy-worthy.


    1. Oh my goodness you made my entire day :) YES I am studying it and it is so much fun! I love keeping up with your cute life!