The Rock

by - 6/25/2013

Lately I am a little obsessed with making quotes. Get ready for another spiritual post  

Every week me & K exchange our "scripture of the week" via snail mail (aka: letters).
Sometimes they are super profound and involve deep doctrine, but more often than not, they are simple little verses that never fail to remind me of important things that I often take for granted.
It is one of the reasons I so look forward to Thursdays and getting his sweet letters. I get to be taught a little mini-devotional from a missionary! I just love it.
Anyways. Lately the ones he has sent me have had a lot to do with the life and healing power of Jesus Christ, and how truly loving and important he is...(i.e, the one above).
It'd be impossible for me to explain my entire testimony and feelings of my Savior on this blog.
Sometimes it is easy to get caught up with our day-to-day lives and forget that we are a part of something way bigger than we think. 
I don't think my little human mind will ever be able to understand what he has done for me. And I am no spiritual or doctrinal master by any means.
But I do just want to say that I know he is real. He really is, guys! He really did come to this earth. He really did teach and heal. He really did suffer for us. All of us. And he really does live and loves each of us more than we can imagine. 
Isn't that just amazing?!
The Savior of this great big world, the man who lived an absolute perfect life, knows and loves each and every one of us no matter how flawed or we are. 
Our lives can be so amazing and wonderful because of what he did. 
I don't know. Some days it just hits ya. Like today. 
The world is a crazy place (like you didn't already know that),
and a midst all this chaos it helps me SO much knowing that I have a Savior that loves me! 
Build your faith and hope upon Christ.
Like a solid foundation of a house, Christ will keep you up when everything and everyone else fails to do so. Let him keep you up.
Even if your "house" is not the strongest or best house their is, when it's built upon the rock of Christ, it will not fall. 
I am so grateful for that.
It is a wonderful, wonderful thing and sometimes we just need a little reminder.

{p.s} shout out to big K for inspiring this little post.
He's having a great time in NC.

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  1. Ivy I miss you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful testimony!