Father's Day/ Missionary Cards

by - 6/14/2013

This week, all 12x12 scrapbook paper at Michaels is 6 for $1. 
And Father's Day is this Sunday, so that means it's time to get crafty! 
Plus, I feel like my letters to Kurtis have been getting really boring lately. It's like, he's out there teaching and preaching the gospel, meeting all kinds of interesting people and telling me crazy stories, and then there's me. I  don't really have any crazy things going on lately, and I feel like I am kind of boring, ya know? So sometimes I like to make little things like this for no real reason, except to make my letters a little bit more exciting.
These are great for dads, grandpas, missionaries, or any other guys. You can kill several birds with one stone.   

-Piece of black cardstock. It can be any size you like! Just make sure beforehand that it'll fit in the envelope, if you're using one. Made that mistake. Fold it in half, like a normal card. For all of these directions we are only focusing on the front of the card. Don't cut or do anything to the back half. 
-Piece of white/light blue paper or cardstock. This will be the shirt. It should be a little bit wider than the front of the card.   
-Small scrap of tie-looking paper. Any design you'd like :)
-3-4 little buttons
-tape/glue dots/glue stick
-hot glue gun

1. Make a snip down the center of the front of the black cardstock (the fold is on the left). Then make little marks on both the left and right sides, in the center. 

2. From those two marks you just drew, cut to the center point. You should now have basically just cut out a v-shape from the top of the card. 

3. Cut little triangles across from each other about 1/3 of the way down (the dotted line). These will add a little detail to part of the suit collar. Then fold on the red line. 

4. Now hot glue some buttons on, and you've got your suit!

5. Now take the "shirt" paper. Fold the top centimeter or so over. This will be a collar. Then bring both of the corners into the center and tape/glue. Then cut out your tie and put it on top!

Finally, glue the shirt behind the suit, and wa la!!! 
Also feel free to add a missionary tag :)
You can mix it up and do it however you like. Hopefully these directions weren't too confusing. 
Happy card making!!!


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