by - 6/09/2013

The other day, to my wonderful surprise, a cute little package showed up in my mailbox from my favorite missionary!
Luckily, Haley was there to share my excitement.
It was a very long day, and it is summertime so obviously I'm not wearing makeup, so please excuse my great looks.
He sent me lots of t-shirts and candy, and obviously knows me too well because I just happen to be CRAVING Reese's Pieces on that exact day. 
He sent me a little North Carolina Tarheels duck key chain and it was making kind of a weird face. 
It kept Haley entertained for a good while. 
I love getting good mail, and I love my sweet boy! 


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3 sweet note{s}

  1. Kurtis= best missionary and bf award:) I'm in love with you guys!!

  2. On your "Scriptures to Remember" I don't recognize some of the Books of the Bible you have listed, for example - D&C, Nephi, and Ether?

    1. Hi! Those books are actually found in the Book of Mormon, which is a religious scripture my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) values. I have sent out a few of them to people who are unfamiliar with them. If you'd like me to send you one, you can e-mail me :)