Day With Kabrita

by - 1/02/2020

I am so excited to be teaming up today with one of my favorite, new brands I have discovered as a mother. Today we are talking about Kabrita!

Being a mother for the first time can be such a crazy, confusing thing- especially when it comes to learning how to make sure your little one gets all the right nutrients. I remember being so confused as a new mom when it came to breastfeeding, formula, milk, etc. I studied so many books and websites for so long trying to figure out the right one. Eventually I got things figured out and felt confident Jack was getting what he needed. It takes a while, but you figure it out.

But, once you finally figure out how to properly nourish your baby, they grow into super picky toddlers and you have to start all back over again!

I have always known that milk is super important for toddlers and little ones and a couple of things I look for when picking out a milk for Jack is one that is easy to digest, has iron, and one that is a gut-friendly prebiotic, all of which are things that Kabrita formula has. Kabrita makes nutritious Goat Milk products that help nourish babies and toddlers. We have been using their products for a while now and LOVE them so far.

Over the past few months Jack has become the pickiest toddler I have ever met! It drives me crazy sometimes but I know that is all part of having a toddler so I have learned to adjust my tricks for getting him the foods he needs! Two of my favorite ways to do this are though 1) breakfast time and 2) smoothies!

For some reason (probably because he is more hungry), Jack is a lot more willing to eat things in the morning. This is a great time to give your toddler the "important" things. I have been giving Jack Kabrita Goat Milk Porridge in the mornings and he always goes with it! He LOVES the apple & cinnamon one and all I need to add to it is water for him to eat it right up! I like to give him fruits in the morning too, usually blueberries, on the side.

Then, usually in the afternoon when Jack wakes up from his nap but before dinner, he gets hungry and we make a smoothie! Here's my go-to recipe lately:

-1 scoop of Kabrita Toddler Formula
-1/2 a banana
-150 ml cold water
-handful of frozen strawberries
-handful frozen spinach (optional)
-little squeeze of honey

I like this smoothie because it helps Jack get in a serving of fruit, veggies AND with the Kabrita Formula, he also gets iron, protein and tons of vitamins and he enjoys it. Total win-win.

They also have the yummiest little cheese puffs that we love! I always have some with me on-the-go because Jack is obsessed.

Kabrita is run by women and led by moms and I'm so glad I discovered them. Their customer service is amazing and so are their products. If you have a baby with tummy troubles or a toddler who needs more nourishment, I 100% recommend checking them out! You can also use this link for a free sample :)


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