Flat Iron First-Timer

by - 12/19/2019

A couple of weeks ago me, Kody and my two brothers (Bailey and Gunnar) went out and hiked to the top of Flat Iron on Superstition Mountain! It is a huge mountain range I have grown up by my whole life and have always wanted to hike! For one reason or another I had never actually done it until this trip and I am so glad I did! Honestly the most amazing hike I have ever done!

I originally wore some leggings but about 1/4 of the way up I realized I was super hot (hi, November in Arizona), so I changed into shorts! Bailey does this hike like every week so he hauled up that thing and we were all so shocked by how quick he could do it. There were tonssssss of loose rock and super steep parts but I did it without any *major* falls. 

The view at the top was incredible. You could easily see all of Phoenix and the entire valley. I love that valley so much.

Once we were at the top we decided to hike around a little bit on some random rocks on the back side for about an hour and that part was awesome! I know you're always told to stay on trails but honestly some of the best hiking is just going random places!

These guys are so much fun to do stuff with. They keep me laughing NONSTOP. Even when I am out of breath climbing up a steep mountain.

I started my fit bit about 10 min into the hike and by the time we got back to the car I had burned over 3,000 calories!!! That's like 3x the amount I burned with my half-marathon....crazzzy! Hiking is honestly such an underrated form of exercise in my opinion. That hike worked my E N T I R E body and I really felt it the next day (especially in my lats believe it or not...getting down took a lot of upper-body strength).

So much fun! I love these guys!

The top had all of these little cactus' (yes, I know it's technically supposed to be 'Cacti'' but I reallllly don't like that word so cactus' it is) growing all over. It was so pretty! I want to go camp at the top someday.

Climbing the random rocks! And yes, it was as steep as it looks!

Doesn't this rock look just like the profile of a dog?!?!

Me & Kody at the top

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