Family Pictures 2019

by - 11/30/2019

This year was our first year getting our family photos taken in Arizona! I really try to get family photos done every year, which can be tricky! Photos are NOT Kody's thing at all but he is always such a good sport about it and I appreciate that so, so much. Jack is amazing at photos and usually always has no problem with them. We got them taken by my friend, Kerby (you can check her out here, she is absolutely incredible and if you're in Arizona, I highly recommend her).

Just me and my handsome husband :) Kody is the perfect height...he isn't ridiculously taller than me but I can wear heels and still be quite a bit shorter and fit my head on his shoulder. <3

Jack's pose....I mean COME ON!

Jack & his ultra serious face.

I love you I love you I love you.

Now I just need to get a few Christmas cards made!!!


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