Letter to Jack- 2/13/19

by - 2/13/2019

Hi my little Jack Jack!

You are almost 20-months old and you are the most energetic, independent, happiest little toddler there ever was. You love eating all kinds of snacks (especially olives, popcorn, sandwiches, and juice). You fold your arms when its time to say prayers and you even say "amen!" at the end sometimes. You get super excited when we are dropping daddy off at school and you see a train. You know and recognize the ABC's and you almost have your counting all the way down to 20! You are such a smart boy. I know every parent thinks that but you really, really are. I can't even believe half of the things you do. I feel like you act so much older than you are and sometimes that makes me sad because I know you aren't a little baby anymore but most of the time it makes me happy because I just love to see how you are! You are so good at understanding and picking up on things and I can't help but feel like that is part of your innate personality and eternal spirit. I know for a fact that as you get bigger it will be me who ends up learning things from you and I am so excited. 

Yesterday I got mad (because you kept throwing your cups and cars) and I snapped at you and felt horrible about it for the rest of the day. I hate getting angry at you and I feel so guilty when I do. I hope that when you see mommy is frustrated or getting you in trouble you are still able to see how much she loves, loves, loves you. I know that in the future you will probably do a lot more naughty things and I will need to get you in trouble a lot more times as you get older and I am trying to figure out how to do it right. I want to be kind, patient and loving towards you but I also know that I need to teach you right from wrong. Figuring out how to find the fine line between both of those is tricky!  I do NOT want to let you do bad things because I want you to be safe and happy. This world will tell you that it is okay to do bad things and it scares me to know that I will have to send you into that world one day. I want to do my absolute best to prepare you for that. I know that you are going to be an amazing, inspiring, helpful, kind, smart, righteous, courageous, big man someday. With every fiber of my being I know that Heavenly Father made me your mother and wants me to tech you how to be good and how to live a happy life and as long as I live me and daddy will work as hard as we possibly can to do that for you. 

I love you baby boy!!!!!


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