On the Move

by - 8/06/2018

Our sweet little baby is now officially MOBILE! Over the past couple of weeks Jack has quickly learned to walk. It was like he had no desire whatsoever for the longest time and then one day, BAM, he was walking across the living room! 

Jack is almost 14 months old and is the absolute cutest, sweetest thing I have ever known. I know I have said this so many times before but this is officially my favorite baby-age so far! His little personality is AWESOME. He is so playful!! We love chasing each other all over the apartment and he laughs and laughs. And now our walks include Jack actually walking instead of just sitting in his stroller. They take much longer because his little legs can only travel so quickly but it is so entertaining to watch him so and point at cars, trees, dogs and whatever else interests him! 

We love our little walker boy!

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