Jack is One!

by - 6/20/2018

As of this past Sunday, my sweet little baby boy is ONE! Where on earth did time go?!? 

On Saturday we grabbed some balloons from the store, went to a little nearby park and took a few pictures of Jack. We are so lucky to have gotten some good ones before it started raining :) Jack was so intrigued by the balloons and it was the sweetest little thing. 

On Sunday we had a little birthday BBQ at our place with some friends and family. It was the perfect little party for the perfect little man. Jack was so confused at first when we sang him happy birthday and sat a big, blue cake in front of him but he got the hang of it real quick. 

Jack is truly the best little baby. He is always so good and everyone always makes comments about how content he is. Lately he has hit a super 'funny' phase where he fake-laughs at EVERYTHING and always tries to be silly. 

1-year-old highlights I don't want to forget: 

-weighs a little over 27 lbs (and has for the last 2 or so months)
-isn't quite walking yet but seems so close
 -has 4 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth
-does great at the gym daycare and LOVES playing with other kids
-enjoys reading books
-loves bath time 
-hates when you try to wipe his nose 
-sleeps through the night from about 8PM-7AM
-says "mama", "dada", "ball", "car", "book", "more", "baba" (bottle), "og" (dog), "go" & "no"
-Knows what sound elephants and monkeys make and loves doing them. Working on more animals! 
-LOVES when dad comes home
-He likes the most random music! Moana songs, "Time to Say Goodbye" by Andrea Bocelli, and "Top of the World" by the Carpenters are his favorite songs. Literally any of these songs will immediately make him stop crying. It is the funniest thing to watch!!!
-We are finally in the clear to stop infant formula and have begun the switch to whole milk. He loves it (and it's way cheaper) so that's a definite win-win. 
-He is a GREAT traveler and has been on all kinds of vacations/plane rides/road trips during his first year of life. Some have been rough but most of the time he is great. 
 -His hair is thick in the back but in the front he has a receding-type of hairline and sometimes looks like a 55-year-old man with it :) 
-Loves looking at pictures especially ones of himself :) We try to show him pictures of Jesus and we tell him how much Jesus loves him. We know he doesn't understand that right now but it is so nice to start teaching him those important things. 

Sometimes when we are lying in bed at night Kody and I talk about how our lives have changed since we had Jack. We always thought life was the absolute best during those 2 years when we were newlyweds, but we had no idea how much better and more fulfilling it could be! We both agree that life is harder/takes more planning/we're more exhausted than before but we also agree that being parents to our sweet boy is 1000000000% worth it. Seeing Kody be a dad over the last 12 months has been one of the coolest things ever and he is so good at it. I also feel like we have grown so much closer and more in love as a couple since becoming parents (who knew that stretch marks, less money and lack of sleep could make that happen?! ;) We know for a fact that Jack was meant to be sent to Earth when and where he was and are so glad that we get to be his parents and help navigate him through this crazy world.

Happy Birthday little love!!!!! 

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