Ball Games + Fireworks + Other Summer Shenanigans

by - 7/06/2015

I am for real the worst blogger ever. Not that very many people actually care b/c lets be honest, who really reads this thing, but whatevs. I am posting again so yay me!
Summer around here has been super busy and fun at the same time. Kody works at the bank and I am going to school full time + doing pictures again so things are definitely crazy but oh so happy! 
We have become huge fans of the Salt Lake Bees (not really but we go to a lot of games so...go bees!) Also my hair isn't actually that just looks like that

On the back of the Bees tickets are buy one get one free slurpees....just another part of summer to celebrate.

Hiking in Utah has become one of my favorite things in the whole world. I am not bashing Arizona, but hiking in July there is pretty much a plea for heat stroke and/or death so I am not used to being able to do so much exploring this time of year!

Another cool thing in Provo are the fun little downtown concerts they have!

We frequently hit up the single housing in Provo and sneak in to use their pools because our complex doesn't have one. We are such cool married people, I know. 

I have also FINALLY finished my crazy hair journey. So, here is the story. Pretty soon after we got married I just started feeling bored with my one-shade, dark hair (I have colored it dark since the beginning of high school. I am naturally blonde), so I decided to be trendy and get some ombre! But once I started getting lighter shades added, I became addicted until I was like "Okay, I just want my blonde hair back." So I began the long, awkwardly orange-ish, expensive (aghh so so expensive you guys) journey of going from pretty much black to platinum. Finally I have it how I want it. When I first got it done (in these pictures), it was legit grey. But that part washed out and it is good now! My hairs are such troopers because they have been through the ringer and I only had to cut a little bit off (YAY I AM NOT BALD LIKE I PROBABLY SHOULD BE :) :) :) 
Anyway. That's my hair story. 

For the 4th we decided to go find a good spot in Provo to watch fireworks, so we headed over to the stadium and ended up snagging some $10 Stadium of Fire tickets at the last minute. Go us! I LOVE the 4th, and Kody and Journey and America so it was a great time.

Kody has an especially large amount of American pride as you can tell...


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