Memorial Day Weekend

by - 5/27/2015

My sweet husband has been working so hard lately with two jobs, so it was so nice to get to have a whole weekend with him. No school, no work. Just hanging out and enjoying time together :)
I also made some super fun little strawberries to take to a barbecue we had with friends, and they were yummy. All I did was melt some white chocolate chips (on the stove) and then dipped the strawberries in and then rolled the ends in blue sprinkles. Easiest treat ever.
I am way too cheesy about holidays, but I don't even care! 

I also finally had a reason to wear my American flag shirt for the first time! Lots of people were asking where I got this, and it is just from Rue21! I got it for like $7 a few weeks ago. You can't pass that up! As much as I like Nordstrom and Anthropologie and places like that, sometimes it is nice to pay only $7 for a cute, simple shirt :)

We also did some bowling with Trevor and Sarah, wore cool sunglasses on our drives, and went to Yogurtland (my favorite place ever) :)

I am taking a floral design class in school right now, and for a project we had to go visit a cemetery and take pictures/look at all of the flowers there.
I was in awe at how many people and flowers were at the cemetery! I think visiting the cemetery on Memorial Day must be a big thing in Utah, because there were families everywhere.
It was so beautiful! 

So happy to live in this wonderful, beautiful country! :)

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