Little Trip

by - 4/06/2015

I'm pretty sure that in the 79 days we have been married, we have driven about 1 million miles. From going back and forth between Arizona, Southern California, Northern California and now Utah, we have become road trip pros. Good thing I am a huge fan of road trips! Especially when they involve hand holding, good music and sour patch kids :) (side note: Yes, my hair is now back to blonde. It is still a work-in-progress and I am excited to see how it will eventually turn out!)

And what, may I ask is being in Southern California without plenty of beach time?

And what is the beach without some fish tacos from Pedros?!

 We also went down to Mesa to visit my family and pick up all of our wedding gifts! I can't even describe how much I miss these brothers of mine. Every time I see them they are like an entire foot taller and their voices are an entire octave lower. 

I'm grateful for beach trips.
I'm grateful for such fun in-laws.
I am grateful for my husband.
I'm grateful that families can be together forever.
And I'm grateful for fish tacos.

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