Summertime + 19 + Cupcakes

by - 6/27/2014

It has been way too long since I've posted. 
I am seriously slacking lately. And not just when it comes to blogging.
It is summertime, which means swimsuit time, which means diet time.
Except, hello, dieting is the worst thing ever. 
You see, I began this week like I begin most weeks lately- saying "okay starting tomorrow I am officially going to eat healthy and exercise and be super skinny." But, like most weeks, I get about 2 days into it and decide it's not really worth it. 
I have had this little obsession with baking lately, especially baking cupcakes. I made a bunch yesterday, and lemme tell ya, I can literally feel my hips getting bigger as I eat them.
So wrong. But so right. 
I use this recipe from Magnolias in NYC. I've never been there, but apparently they're supposed to taste the same. Baking has really become one of my most favorite things to do :)

The summer so far has also consisted of working with dad out in the 110 degree heat, lots of swimming, me turning  the big 1-9 (yay!), being a counselor for a week at a cute little conference for girls, baseball games, late-night card games, smoothie-making, ice cream-eating and soaking every minute of being home all up.

When the beautiful temple in Gilbert was finished being built and dedicated, I was in Utah, so I hadn't seen it until last Sunday when we took a little drive over there. It is absolutely breathtaking, and like every temple I've ever seen, seems to glow and gives you a warm, soft, happy feeling just by looking at it. 

Summer 2014, thank you for being so good to me so far :)


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2 sweet note{s}

  1. Oh my, cupcakes are too good! I understand what you mean about your hips ;) haha I get the same feeling! Happy belated birthday petal! :)