Later, UT

by - 6/07/2014

Yesterday I got on a plane and flew home.
It has been forever since I've been here and I am so darn happy to be here for the whole summer. 
As soon as I stepped off that plane I was slapped in the face by Phoenix's 105 degree heat, but I can put \up with it. I am secretly really in love with the desert, and the sun and everything about this hot but wonderful place. 

Saying bye to Kody though? That was the hard part. I've seen that goofball pretty much every day for the past 6 months, so not seeing him at all for 4 weeks will be a little bit tough, but we got it.

Last night was spent at Mattas (I have been craving real chips and salsa for so long) with the family, and then a little bit of bowling after. 
BBQ's, swimming, lake time, getting tan(ish), hanging out with friends/family that I haven't seen in forever, fireworks and trying to find a job, here I come. 


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