Hello, Real World

by - 5/20/2014

Being a first-year college student is tons of fun.
You get to meet all kind of fun people, have your own cute little apartment, and pretty much do whatever you feel like. 
But at the same time, you suddenly hit the point where life gives you a huge, fat SLAP right in the face.
Yes, you get to live on your own. But that means you have to make/buy all your food, pay for rent and utilities, put up with roommates who aren't always pleasant, and so on.
Anyways, I have just been transitioning into this "real" world lately.
Working a lot...figuring out everything. 
It can be both exhausting and scary.
But thank goodness for BBQ's, Dr.Pepper and fun friends, right?! :)
So happy that it's finally getting warmer.


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1 sweet note{s}

  1. The first year is definitely a bunch of ups and downs. It is a crazy wild ride and it is absolutely amazing. Hey, summer is finally on the way! Woo! :)