Game Plan

by - 5/12/2014

Trying to be healthy while in college is like my hair trying to hold a curl.
Nearly impossible. 
Healthy food is expensive. Junk food is cheap, quick and there seems to be more of it everywhere.
Finding time to go to the gym isn't really easy either.
Now that things have slowed down a little bit though, I have no excuses. I am sick of feeling crappy, and figure that there will probably always be some kind of excuse. So. Here is my little game plan for the next three weeks while I'm in Provo. If it works for you, feel free to try it with me! 


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2 sweet note{s}

  1. THIS IS BRILLIANT! Also, you should post anything else about it (like how many calories exercising adds) and stuff! This is great!

  2. You are awesome! Also you & K are adorable:)