by - 3/19/2014

Let's forget that I just took the hardest test of my college career so far (thank you very much, American Heritage).
Let's forget that I don't know what to do with my life for spring term (do I stay and go to school? Go home and work? Stay here and work? Decisions, decisions...life is confusing lately.)
While we're at it, let's also forget that I have laundry, dishes, and loads of homework to get done today.
Let's just rewind and talk about the fabulous weekend that took place just a few short days ago. Because let me tell ya, it was a fun one. 
I probably put a few of these on insta already, but oh well. 
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Friday/Saturday consisted of a fun cabin trip to Heber where there are fun rhinos to drive around, intense games of pool, and still lots of snow covering everything. 

Dress I'm wearing here
shoes $15 at H&M similar here (I took the strap off)

 On Sunday the weather was absolutely beautiful, which called for a Sunday stroll up to the temple, and a little post-stake conference photoshoot with these cute chicks. 

 Life is good. 

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