Little Catch-Up

by - 3/05/2014

My blog skills have been slacking lately, I know.
But I am alive, I promise, and things are going great around here!
Taking 7 classes has definitely been keeping me busy, but good thing that they are classes that I love!
I am in two classes for my major, and I am loving the whole art of journalism more and more everyday. Also, this school. You guys. It is absolutely awesome. I am so happy that I chose to come here. Plus, it is finally starting to warm up a little bit, and it feels so nice! 
Here's a little photo-overload of what's been up lately...

 Cheering on BYU at the basketball games with Kody and our matching shirts. 

Coming home to this ^ every night.
I love my roommates. 
 Last week it rained a ton. Those mountains :)

 Front-row at volleyball.

 Super excited to go to general conference for the first time in April!

Celebrating national pancake day in sock buns at ihop last night. Definitely worth the wait. 

More basketball and ice hockey games. We've been going to a lot of sporting events lately in case you couldn't tell...

Driving around with these two crazy kids. 

Taking mid-terms and feeling very happy about one of them :) 

Talking Sunday afternoon walks around the temple. 

Now I just gotta do some cleaning and homework then it's off to California for a nice long weekend!
Have a happy hump day!

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