No More School!

by - 5/27/2013

This past week was the official end to my high school years. 
I am soooooo happy to be done!!
I had so many fun times these past few years, met so many great people and learned a lot, but lets be honest, it is time to move on. 

 My sweet family! Dad and Gunnar look especially excited, obviously ;)

These two girls are so cute, and I had lots of fun with them over the years.

 A few of my favorite guys! The past couple of months I've found myself hanging out with my dude friends a lot more than my chick friends. I don't know, sometimes they can be just a little bit more easy going drama-free, ya know!? 

 My cute grandparents came to my graduation and seminary graduation and had so much sweet things to say. They are wonderful and always support me! Too bad I didn't get a better picture with them though. 

I got to give a talk at seminary graduation and was a little bit stressed out about the whole week but it turned out just fine, and the week went great! I've been sooooooooooo blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. And I am so excited to start new things and to get ready for college. 

Ivy Lauren

{p.s} Kurtis is learning how to cook  Just thought I'd let you know.

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