by - 4/14/2013

So, I know I've been such a blogging slacker lately.
So sorry. 
Life has just been crazy with school, studying, and more school.
{39 days till graduation. not that i'm counting or anything.} 
Anyways. Here's whats been going on according to Instagram! (follow @ivyylauren)

This ^^ and other wonderful scriptures have been keeping me going. SO thankful for the word of God and for a loving Savior who is always right there. 

I seriously am LOVING this stuff. I have tried and tried and tried to make a homemade version, but they never come out even anywhere near the real thing. Any ideas? Also, I am thinking of writing the company and begging them to sell this thing by the gallon. So good. 

Took a little trip to the temple! 

Made out like a bandit after finding this baby in a thrift store, instead of at Nordstrom. Savings= $249. Not too shabby. 

Weather getting warmer=more FISHING. 

I am missing this guy so much, but am SO happy when I get letters/emails/pictures from him! He is doing sooooo good. Plus he finally got my little Easter junk food package. It was his companions birthday so I tried sending two of everything. I really need to get better at care packages, but it's ok. I have time. 

Took a trip up to the SNOW with Haley. What? Yes. Apparently you still can find snow in Arizona in mid-April.

Happy Spring! Happy week! :)


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