Spring is in the Air....

by - 3/20/2013

Spring is my favorite. 
The full sun comes out, flowers bloom, and summer is right around the corner. 
Graduation is almost here, I don't freeze when I go outside and you can smell the loveliest smell of orange blossoms on all the trees. 
Love. It. 

  Took a trip over spring break to San Diego & to La Jolla beach.
It is absolute paradise.
The water was like ice, but who cares right? 

I have become absolutely OBSESSED with this stuff ^^^
It is bad because they aren't exactly the cheapest things in the world. Oops. 

Chose my March Maddness brackets. 

 I sent kurtie a little package full of snacks and quotes and Easter eggs and fun stuff like that! It was his companions birthday so I put two of everything in it. It was all much cuter in person, I promise. 

That's that! 


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