December & January

by - 1/16/2013

Where exactly has time gone....?
Really, these last two months zoomed right on by, even faster than usual!
Here is a giant mix of what's been going on....!

 Soooo, back in December, I had literally the craziest week of my life. I still am not quite sure how I got through it. I got to be in charge of  the Christmas family thing at our school. Basically, some of the classes would sign up to "sponsor" an underprivileged family for Christmas, buy them presents, and then deliver the presents to the families! I was soooo excited to be in charge of organizing it, but with it came a bunch of work and responsibility, and a bunch more sign ups than we had anticipated.
This also just happen to be the week that me and my family were moving! So crazy! I had presents scattered everywhere- at my old house, my new house, the library, my car, etc.
I spent hours and hours shopping and wrapping extra gifts for people that had been forgotten, signed up late, or whatever. Luckily, though, I had lots of help from some pretty amazing people!

Here's just one area of the library where we stored the gifts. It looked incredible. I felt like I was working at the North Pole. 

So that same week also happen to be the week of finals! Yay, I know! They were especially stressful that semester because a) They were the last classes that show up on your transcript that colleges/scholarship donors look at {I had to do good} and b)I had 6 of them in one day. 

But somehow that week.....
We got the presents delivered to all 315 people
we were able to move into a new house
& I was able to get all a's.

Eventually Christmas came, and I was finally able to just take a deep breath {and a bubble bath}.
I am positive that I could not possibly have done those things on my own.
I had 4 hours of sleep that week, no lunches, and in all honestly, I didn't study at all
Literally, the laws of nature were against me. 
I know, know, know that I was able to get through everything with the help of a loving Savior, and My Father in Heaven. 
I am so grateful for Jesus' birth, life, and the help he is to me all the time
The Lord truly does work miracles, and I am trying to work harder to always notice them :) 


For new years I went to Kurtis' house, rode dirtbikes, shot shotguns, and had a big bonfire, all in the middle of nowhere! It was so much fun.
I went straight from there to..

Six flags with these fun girls! It is so nice to just goof off for 3 days straight. I about died on some of those roller coasters.

You know what makes me happy? When nice people bring by totally cute presents for no reason at all. I mean seriously, isn't that the greatest? My friend left on his mission a few days ago and before he left he brought me some super comfy socks and some yummy mints. It kind of made my day, so I had to take a picture.

Then my other friend Garrett left on a mission also to Hawaii today. I have a feeling there will be even more mission farewells in weeks to come. It is a little bit strange that my friends are all growing up, but it is absolutely wonderful too!

Oh hey, I also decided I want this color (its called rose) as one of my wedding colors. I have tried to find the exact color FOREVER, and there it is!! Thank you, pinterest!! 

If any of you have been seniors in High School, you probably know how it is to constantly be asked, "So, what are your plans after graduation?" It is getting a little bit weird.
Am I really going to be graduating soon?
SO weird!! 
Well, I got into the Cronkite Journalism school at ASU which, for the longest time was like my total dream school. But I also applied for other schools that I have to wait to hear back from...I am trying to make decisions that will have huge impacts on rest of my life and it is a little bit tricky. 
Honestly though, I am SO SO SO ready to graduate and just be done with high school. 
It is senioritis to the millionth degree. 

Just on an end note, during Christmas break my cousin Hunter came over and hung out. We got really bored and decided to create this little gem. It is the cheesiest/greatest/most awful thing of my life. If you feel like wasting 3 minutes of your life, here you go! 

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3 sweet note{s}

  1. Ohmyword I have just fallen in love with that color! That is the color I would like to have in my someday, far off wedding.... along with brown (cowboy boots, chairs, accents, etc.) haahha

    All your pictures are always so cute! I think we would be friends if we met. :)


  2. That's a great color! Pinterest is great for wedding planning...for those of us not any close haha

    Your photos are great! Good luck with the website!

  3. Hahahahaha! You guys are such goofballs! That movie was great. --aunt kristen