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by - 8/01/2012

Hi lovely readers, hope everybody is having a fabulous week! Today you get to meet a girl from one of the cuuuuutest blogs around. Kira from "Tales of Garden Gnomes." She is a great writer and today she is taking over my blog, enjoy! 

Hi y'all! My name is Kira! 

I am a Sophomore at Utah State University (Go Aggies!), an avid musician, devout Latter-Day Saint, would-be runner (no tiiime), lover of Lifesaver Mints and indie music, enthusiastic reader, music critic, picture snapper, and watcher of Netflix. I write a little blog called Tales of Garden Gnomes. It’s basically a menagerie of posts about whatever I feel like writing at the moment, ha. I guess you could call it a lifestyle blog! Really, most of what I post consists of things I discover (for myself, anyway) like videos, stuff from Pinterest, great quotes… Mostly music, though, which sort of brings me to what I’m actually talking about today!
I feel about music the way that George Eliot spoke of it: “I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music. When I am stressed or angry, I head to the piano and play, or pick up my guitar and learn a song, or sing along to the radio for a while. Every time I do any of these things, I feel a calm come over me that I cannot obtain by doing almost anything else. 

Because of my passion for music and the healing that I believe it is capable of, I am studying Music Therapy. Unless you’re a special case, you’ve probably either never heard of Music Therapy or, if you have, you’ve got questions about what exactly it’s used for.  I am here to tell you a bit about it, and maybe clear a few things up. :)
On the official American Music Therapy Association website, music therapy is defined as the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.I like to explain music therapy as the application of music’s healing power to help patients with physical, social, cognitive, and/or emotional needs. This is done in several different ways: letting the individual create, listen to, play, sing, or otherwise feel or connect with music. It is used to help people of all ages, but is used most often in nursing homes and hospitals, where the elderly, developmentally challenged, troubled or ill youth, and even infants and others benefit from it. Music therapy helps to promote their general welfare and mental health, as well as even their physical health in some cases.

Confused yet? Here’s a video that shows music therapy in action!

Super neat, right? If you want to see more, watch Awakenings, with Robin Williams. It’s got a bit in it. Also, Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks (one of my heroes, and also the man that Awakenings  is based on) is an incredible book about music and the brain.
Music is a universal language. Most people, if not all, have a special connection with an instrument, a melody, a genre, a lyric. Things can be said through music that would be much harder to express otherwise! The more I learn about music and the human brain, the more intrigued I become. With every music therapy class I take, I see further indication of its effectiveness, and am more convinced that I am meant to be a part of it!
Well, I hope that did a semi-decent job of explaining what music therapy really is, and you aren’t too terrible confused. If you would like to know more about music therapy (or anything else!), feel free to contact me! I love answering questions! Peace out, lovely people!

Click here to read more from Kira's cute blog. 

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  1. this is SO excellent.
    1. music therapy is amazing.
    2. kira is one magnificent person (everyone should know her)
    3. utah state all the way. (everyone should go there... and live in reeder)
    4. the guitar band picture is one of my favorite memories of last school year.
    5. also Robin Williams.

  2. Ivy, wanted to let you know you've been awarded at my blog!! Check it out! :D