Halloween 2018

by - 11/04/2018

Halloween was so much fun this year! I remember before we had kids people would say things like "Just wait, holidays are a million times more exciting when you have little ones." And they were totally right! I was never a super big Halloween person but ever since Jack came around it has become so much fun! And I suspect it will become even more fun as he gets older and realizes how fun it is to go get free candy from people :)

This year we dressed Jack up as a Garden Gnome. I decided on it a couple of months ago (think I saw something on Pinterest..?) and I was so excited! To make the costume I bought a bunch of red and blue felt. Then I bought some Christmas-fake-cottony-snow stuff for the beard and hot-glued it onto felt and put an elastic on it. It was very inexpensive and easy to do. Then we just paired it with some brown pants and boots Jack already had and his costume was good to go! Eventually I trimmed the beard and in my opinion it looked a little better (and was less tempting for Jack to tear off) when it was a little shorter. 

Jack doing his first trunk-or-treating at out church Halloween party!

He is done putting up with his mom's picture-taking. Can you tell?

I also made these spooky treats for our Church party. They were so easy and fun to make! I don't even know if it's necessary to post directions because they are probably pretty self-explanatory but I got some mini-Reese's cups and some thin Oreos and put them together with some homemade sticky frosting!

 I don't have pictures from actual Halloween but you can imagine how it looked. Me and Jack watched Coco and handed out some candy. Kody got home late from work that night so when he got home we grabbed Jack's costume and did some quick trick-or-treating around our apartment complex. It was a perfect little night!


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