Favorite Fall Sweaters

by - 10/03/2018

October is officially here, and you know what that means?
It's officially sweater-wearing time and I could not be happier!

Every year I get so many questions about where I find my sweaters so I thought I'd put together a nice little list for you guys! I really find them from three main places: H&M, Amazon and Target. I don't think you have to spend tons of money on sweaters in order for them to be cute and feel cozy. It is honestly a little embarrassing how many sweaters I own but for the prices of some of these, you really can't go wrong!


H&M has become one of my favorite sweater places because I believe they have completely mastered the over-sized-sweater thing. I am usually a medium and have these in medium + larges. I recommend ordering a size up if you want that over-sized feel. The V-neck ones are definitely my favorite and those come in all sorts of colors. My favorite way to style them is with some black leggings and boots! So easy to dress up or down (in these photos I am wearing this v-neck one in grey).


I know this might be blasphemous but over spring and summer this year I was not crazy about Target's selection of clothes (am I the only one?). BUT I feel like they are starting to redeem themselves with some of their fall clothes- including their sweaters. They have a big selection of unique sweaters and offer a lot of them in plus-sizes as well.


Last but definitely not least we have Amazon. It really is a hit-or-miss kinda deal when you buy clothes from Amazon but these babies are definite hits in my book.

Happy Sweater-wearing!!!!

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