Bumpdate- 40 Weeks

by - 6/11/2017

Well, we have FINALLY made it!! I never thought that June would come! When I first found out I was pregnant, it seemed so far away but up until a few weeks ago, it seriously FLEW right by. Maybe it is because I was so busy with school+work for most of my pregnancy, but either way I am just so grateful to be at this point!

With that being said, the past few weeks (especially days) have been HARD. Since the beginning, the baby has been measuring big, so the doctors have been preparing me that he would probably end up coming earlier than my due date. At my 36, 37, and 38 week appointments I went from 2cm-3cm which was a really good sign! At 38 weeks they told us to be ready to go to the hospital at any time and that they would probably induce the next week if I didn't go into labor by then. So, we were READY! I deep cleaned the house, washed all of baby's clothes and organized his room and had family on-call and ready to come up here. Then, at my 39 week appointment the doctor (one I hadn't met with before) said I hadn't progressed any further and that they would "see what things are like next week." I tried to stop it, but I couldn't help but start crying right there! I was so disappointed!! And part of me wanted to strangle the doctor. Like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I CAN'T DO ANOTHER 2 WEEKS OF THIS. But I didn't. Kody took me to get a diet dr. pepper and I felt a little better :)

So, here we are! Every day of not having this baby has gotten harder and harder. I can't sleep for more than 25 minutes at a time (either to pee or because my legs start cramping up), I can't eat without feeling like I am going to explode, I can't walk without getting sharp pains up my entire body and I keep having 'false labor' contractions. And honestly though, the worst part of this is the WORRY. A few weeks ago, when I was getting myself all ready to have the baby, I read online about all of the reasons you should NOT go past your due date and all of the complications that can come with having a big baby, being in labor for too long, etc, etc (Dr.Google is the worst). So now I am constantly worried about the safety of this little guy! The kick-counting is getting mentally and emotionally exhausting. I constantly think that there is something wrong and I just want him to be here safe and sound already. The other night he wasn't moving so we went to Labor and Delivery and got monitored for about an hour. He is perfectly fine (thank goodness), just big and lazy and running out of room in there. I wanted to beg the doctors at the hospital to just induce me right then and there but no luck.

So now I am walking as much as I can, bouncing on my exercise ball, drinking TONS of red raspberry leaf tea and trying to stay positive! Come on, baby boy! We want to meet you!!!!

BUT, this does give us a little more time for it to be just me and Kody for a while :) I FREAKING LOVE MY HUSBAND. Sometimes it makes me a little bit sad to think that once we have this baby, it won't be just me and him anymore! For the past 2 1/2 years we have had sooooo much fun with just each other and it will be a little weird when it isn't just the two of us! So we are trying to soak that up for the next little while :) I am so grateful to have someone so sweet, fun, and positive as my best friend and eternal companion. I would seriously have lost my mind during this pregnancy by now if it weren't for him. He is just the greatest and he is going to be the best dad.

Anyways, that's my final bump-date! Wish us lots of luck!! <3


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