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by - 6/29/2016

Lately I have been using this blog of mine as a place to talk about my favorite beauty products, clothes and brands. I absolutely LOVE doing that, but there is more to me than just that, and I thought I would go back to using this blog as more of a personal, creative outlet and share more of my own thoughts! I don't know if it's the same with other people but writing my thoughts down (whether it be in a journal or on a blog) really helps me clear out my brain, and I really enjoy it! So, just be prepared for more writing and little weekly life updates from me :) As far as the past few weeks have gone...

Things I've Learned
* Sometimes, it's okay to voice your beliefs and stand up for what you are. We can never be so afraid of offending people that we lose and forget who we are.
* School is a real great thing and I can't wait to start fall semester. My hourly-wage summer job is a real go-to-school-and-study-hard-so-you-don't-have-to-have-a-crappy-job motivator :)
*Treat people nice. I have ran into a few not-so-nice people lately and I don't even think they realize the way they come across and make me feel! I really want to try hard to not make other people feel bad, because it is not a nice feeling.

Things I am Going to Make Happen
*Worry less + think more like Kody (my husband is seriously the most chill, relaxed person there ever was and I NEED to be more like him)
* Enjoy and live in the moments. Even when they seem so silly! (i.e, curling up on the couch and watching Zoolander with Kody, funny Snapchats from my brothers, watching little kids in nursery doing the cutest things, etc).  
* I want to squeeze in more cardio at the gym. Weight lifting is awesome but I want to get back into my cardio game!
* Study scriptures everyday. Study them, not just read a few verses before bed.

Happy Wednesday!

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