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by - 10/08/2015

This last weekend was great because it was conference weekend,
the weather was amazing,
and I got to see my sweet family for the first time in over 7 months!
Yes, 7 months.
Guys, that is a LONG time.
Especially for a girl who came home early from/didn't go to/absolutely hated 4-day long girls camp every summer because she missed her family so much (I literally could not stand girl's camp...let's just say I have made a lot of progress).
I have loved almost every second of growing up, going to college and being married but I have had a really hard time getting used to the fact that I hardly ever get to see my family. Distance really stinks :( I can't tell you how many nights something has reminded me of either my two funny brothers or my parents and I have just started crying out of nowhere. Luckily I have the sweetest husband in the whole world who always hugs me and asks what is wrong, but all I can say to him is that I miss my family sometimes. 

So, it is needless to say that I was SO HAPPY to see them a few days ago. My brothers are even bigger and taller than last time I saw them...now even Gunnar has passed me up in height. I am officially the shortest person in my family.
We all had a wonderful weekend watching conference, watching byu football, going to dinner, watching the Martian, swimming in the hotel pool, watching over an hours worth of funny vines, and just having fun.

I was so sad when they left, but it was so nice to be together with all of the people I love most! Yes, sometimes growing up and moving far away sucks, but it is a part of life! And it is definitely a reminder of how blessed I am...distance really does make the heart grow fonder and I am so very lucky to have something so wonderful to miss :)

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