Almost There

by - 4/19/2014

Well, it is that dreaded time of the semester again. Finals time. 
It is at this point that I:
1. completely stop caring about my personal appearance. sweat pants. top knot. no makeup. thanks. 
2. break out the junk food like it is going out of style. when i stress, i eat. it's probably not a good thing. like, how did I eat an entire box of chicken in a biscuit crackers in one day? shameful. 
3. make a stack of flashcards about 5 inches tall, and go crazy trying to memorize every single one. my brain is going to explode.
4. question why i am even at college. okay, not really but byu is tough! love it. but some of these tests make me want to run away. 

Today I realized, yet again, that I have the cutest mom in the entire world.
I got an adorable little Easter package filled with all kinds of my favorite things :)
It stinks being away from home on holidays, and all your Utah roommates get to go home and be with their families, but you can't because your home is 13 hours away :/
Thanks to mama, though, I am feeling the love! <3 p="">
Plus. as soon as this week is over, my cute family will be here to give me a little visit. 
Can you believe that I haven't seen them since Christmas? CHRISTMAS!? There are very few times in my life that I have been this excited. 

Happy finals.
Happy weekend.
Happy Easter.

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