May 5, 2016

Junior Year + Current Favs

Kody and I are both done with this semester of school!! I am not lying when I say that this semester was the toughest one yet. I had the hardest time feeling motivated and all of my classes seemed to be the same. I only have about 3 classes left for my journalism major, and none of them were offered this semester so I was only taking random classes that I wasn't super into. I will be happy when fall semester comes around and I can finish up my major! But for now we will just enjoy having a nice long summer break. We have both been in school for so long so this summer should be nice.

Here are some of the products I use when I do this hairstyle: 



  1. You guys should detour home through Arizona ��

  2. Are you gong to be in Provo on June 17 or 18th? We are thinking of taking our older 3 kids rafting and might need a sitter for the babes if you will be around...

    1. I am pretty sure I will be available!